Tuesday, November 30, 2004

And it all comes down to...

+ + +

It was raining all day yesterday. The morning was murky (well, that was what i described it, ok?) and well, wet. I woke up feeling murky myself, since i hadn't slept a wink due to intense paranoia and an insatiable mood to just think (i ended up nursing instant coffee at 3am in 711). My sweetie went up to our friend's room to use the net and check out the tube while i feigned sleep.

Things weren't fine, at least on my part because i was still having the guilt trip about my sweetie waiting for me all the friggin' time due to work (see previous blog). I decided to get out and do something other than think crazy thoughts. I shopped at Rustan's for some fruit and stuff we needed, and checked out the goodies at mag:net (at least i got my mom a gift! yehey) Finally, after some more activities (i.e., mail check, cleaning, etc.) i headed out to the room and hung out with him, bringing my peace offering for my strange mood: mixed fruit. After watching some tv, we finally got to settle my paranoia/drama queen queries, which made things a lot easier and nicer. I can't believe how weird i was getting until we finally talked :-P I guess sometimes my PMS does get the best of me. Yargh.

+ + +

My love, thank you for being such an understanding person. I cannot express myself decently enough without getting too mushy --- you are such a sweetie! mwah!

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